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About Us

Family Farm Since 1876.

The turf farm now consists of 216 acres of company land and 64 acres leased from neighbors. Besides bluegrass the Oleson's also grow soybeans.

Our History

In 1876 Peter Oleson, an immigrant from Denmark, purchased native prairie land for $20.00 per acre at 10% interest. In 1919 his son Edward Oleson inherited 1/9 of his parent’s estate, which included the original family farm. In 1967 Clifford Oleson purchased the farm from his mother for $324.00 per acre at 6% interest.

Oleson Sod History
Peter Oleson and Edward shelling corn - 1906

Starting a Sod Farm

In 1969 Clifford became disheartened with the traditional agriculture business. With the advice of an uncle he diversified the business by growing a few acres of cultured sod. Francis Tinker, with Northrup King, supplied the much needed knowledge for this new endeavor. Mr. Tinker said, "Why some day your whole farm will be in sod." He was right.

Clifford’s son Jack joined the farm in 1973 and is now President of Oleson Sod Co.

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