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Turfgrass Sod

Oleson Sod grows elite 3D Kentucky Bluegrass Sod. All of our sod is Darker, Denser, and Dwarfer.

Darker Dark green color with less fertilizer requirements.
Denser Thicker density to compete with weeds by squeezing them out.
Dwarfer Lower canopy height means less frequent mowing.
* 3D Sod is a registered trademark of Summit Seeds and HydroStraw LLC.

Small Sod Rolls

Small rolls are 5' x 2' or 10 sq. ft. each. Depending on moisture each roll will weigh approximately 35 pounds. A half-ton pickup truck will haul about 600 sq. ft.

Big Sod Rolls

Our big rolls are 2' x 100' or 200 sq. ft. each. Fork lifts and specialized machines are required to install the big rolls, therefore big rolls are available only to contractors and landscapers.

Measuring For Sod

Sod is ordered in square feet. Small and uniform shaped areas can usually be measured by figuring the areas of the geometric shapes closest in shape to the area to be sodded.

Squares and Rectangles
Calculate the height x width to find the area.

Calculate the area by multiplying 3.14(Pi) x radius of the circle x radius of the circle.

Calculate the base x height x ½ to find the area.

Larger irregular areas and full properties are best figured by:

  1. Determine total square feet of the property.
  2. Determine total square feet of the non-lawn areas ex. House, drive, landscaping.
  3. From the total square feet subtract the total non-lawn area to determine the area that requires sod.

Kentucky Bluegrass will tolerate about 60% shade.

If your yard does not receive approximately 4 hours of sunlight during the day, then the density of plants will thin out over time. Trimming trees to raise the canopy height can improve sunlight to the turf.

Our sod is cut to order so that we can assure freshness.

The shorter the time from harvest to installation, the less stress to the plant. In general sod should be installed within 24 hours of being harvested. If you see sod for sale at a box store ask yourself, "How long ago was that sod harvested?"

We only sell mature dense sod that is ready for harvest.

Unlike some sod growers, we do not rush harvest by using netting to hold immature sod together. You do not want plastic netting in your lawn. We take the time, effort and expense to properly prepare the field prior to establishing each crop directly from the highest quality seed available.

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