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Why should I sod instead of hydro-seed?

Top 10 Reasons

1) Takes far less time to establish
We spend about 20 months using our time, money and knowledge to produce your lawn so you don't have to. Sodded yards are often called "instant yards." Calling a hydro-seeded yard "almost as good as sod", is a real stretch of the imagination..

2) Can install anytime the ground is not frozen
Sod can be installed anytime the ground is not frozen. (Generally mid-April to mid-November.) You can seed at anytime too, but results will vary greatly between selected months. 

3) Uniformity
A sodded yard will be thick and plush everywhere. With hydro-seeding it's an "unknown."

4) Virtually erosion free
Most sod installers can absolutely guarantee that there will not be any erosion. With wood mulch and tackifiers hydro-seeding can offer "some" protection, but if it rains long or hard enough you will have rivulets in your yard and your topsoil will have to be cleaned off the concrete.

5) Weed free
Sodded yards are generally weed free. Seeding often has weeds. 

6) Stops tracking of mud
Your sodded yard can be played on by your kids and pets after the first week and they won't track in the house.

7) Requires less water
Sod will require a lot of water the first week and then taper off over four weeks. Sod is like a wet mattress laying in the sun. It will take a while to dry out. Hydro-seed with wood fiber will take less time and paper mulch even less. The quicker your lawn dries the more water you will need to apply. (The time of year is an important factor.)

8) Adds value
A sodded yard can be the difference between selling a house and not selling. Sod is valued. The front landscape is the first impression to a buyer. 

9) 100% Elite bluegrass
The first sod that we seeded was in 1969. Over the years we have tried mixing ryegrass and fescue with our bluegrass and it has proven to be inferior to "Elite Bluegrass." We use it because of it's genes. It is thick to prevent weeds, dark to reduce fertilizer and dwarf to reduce mowing. These attributes will save you time and money.

10) You can see what you're buying
You can visit our turf farm and see your sod before it is delivered. When you buy a tree, a shrub, or flowers do you buy seeds and plant them? Why seed your yard?

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