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Sod Installation

For best results install your sod immediately upon delivery.

Water New Sod

You should have watering equipment ready and water within 20 minutes of the sod being laid.

Begin installing turf along the longest straight line such as a driveway, sidewalk or patio.  Butt and push edges and ends against each other tightly without stretching. Avoid gaps or overlaps. Stagger joints in each row in a brick-like fashion using a large sharp knife to trim corners and edges.  Avoid leaving small strips at outer edges as they will not retain moisture. On slopes, place the turf pieces so they run across the slope rather than up and down the slope.

Prevent Indentations or Air Pockets

To prevent indentations or air pockets avoid repeated walking or kneeling on the turf while it is being installed or just after watering.

After installing the sod, roll the entire area to improve sod/soil contact and remove air pockets.

laying sod
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